Multi-Sport has the solution for day-care centre, childcare centre, entertaining center synthetic surfaces, and for landscaping synthetic turfs.

Synthetic turf

Multi Turf 50
This turf filled with rubber granules is the best choice for day-care centres, childcare centres or for your landscaping projects. The composition of this Multi Turf 50 allows absorbing shocks, prolongs the field's service life, and maintains optimal conditions for child play throughout the year. Multi Turf 50, with an 8-year warranty, does not require any maintenance or watering after installation.
Multi Turf 60
Multi-Sport also offers synthetic turf with longer (60mm instead of 50mm), thicker and more absorbing fibres: Multi Turf 60. This synthetic turf is used on surfaces which require more shock absorption.
Multi Turf 50N
Multi Turf 50N is another option among the synthetic surfaces made for day-care centres.

Similar to natural turf, but having much higher shock absorption capacity, Multi Turf is by far one of most popular for childcare centres and day-care centres in Quebec.

Rubber poured on the spot

For young and older children, rubber poured on the spot is a safe, durable and attractive option:

  • Safe surface for day-care centre play units
  • EPDM rubber granules mixed with urethane
  • Multi-flex 10mm to 60mm thick
  • Design and installation with several choices of patterns and colors
  • Conforms to government shock absorption standards
  • Surface chosen according to the drop height to adhere to

Water games


We also offer water games. Nirbo water games are safe and are a hit will young people, while inspiring their imagination.