Landscaping / Golf

Landscaping grass and synthetic golf greens: a lawn greener than ever thanks to Multi-Sport
No maintenance, no watering, no undesirable insects, no pesticides, always green, even in winter!

Practice green

Multi Turf PG
Multi Turf PG golf green is a first rate synthetic turf that does not require any maintenance, cutting, or watering. The ball rolling properties of this practice green are similar to those of natural turf. Furthermore, our sand insertion system allows adjusting the speed of golf ball rolling according to the customer's requirements, which can vary between 8 and 12 on the stimpmeter. Multi-Sport can also set up a sand trap and a lip to practice approach shots.

Tee off

Multi Turf 60
This synthetic turf is 60mm thick and allows placing the ball on a tee or to hit it on the ground, just like natural turf! Our rubber insertion system offers this impression of natural turf. There is also a Multi Turf 90 golf tee off version, an artificial turf made up of twisted nylon (90 ounces of fibres). We installed this type of turf at the golf clubs Blainvillier in Blainville and Saint-Raphaël in Île Bizard.

Landscaping turf

Multi Turf 50 and 50 mf
This 50mm thick synthetic turf is used in landscaping. For a low cost, this artificial lawn can cover large areas and remains green throughout the year. Multi Turf landscaping turf does not require any annual maintenance, application of chemicals, cutting, or watering. Easy to install, this artificial turf is installed on a surface of compacted stone and remains green for 10 to 15 years. We offer you an 8-year warranty on it. With a texture similar to that of natural turf and a shock absorption capacity higher than that of natural turf, Multi Turf landscaping turf is by far one of the most popular with Quebec golf clubs.