Ecological advantages

Multi-Sport is your environmentally friendly solution for durable development. Our interventions on the field are environmentally friendly and our synthetic turfs have many environmentally friendly advantages:

  • No maintenance;
  • No watering;
  • No white grubs or fleas;
  • No pesticides;
  • Always remains green;
  • Resists Quebec winters;
  • Fibres manufactured from soya extract (petroleum-free).

Environmentally friendly Suppliers

Our suppliers are reputed for favouring the use of environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing of their products:

  • Recycled materials;
  • Water saving water games ;
  • Adherence to ISO 14001 environment standards;
  • FSC certified Connor wood flooring;
  • ElastiPlus synthetic surface from Connor, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, a North-American system of high environmental quality standardization.